Debut was the first official recording released by Carfax Abbey. The recording session was done over a late August weekend and engineered, mixed and completed by Dave. The rest of the band rode shotgun assisting and critiquing as we went. This approach and method were not typical nor ideal, but it set the ground work for what would become the bands never say die work ethic. John was able to appropriate an ADAT 8 track recorder from his day job, this allowed David to sync this device up to his Mac allowing us to capture more than just sequencing and midi. We were now armed and dangerous and we quickly got to work. We began on Friday evening and rolled through to Sunday evening recording all vocals, guitars, bass and sequenced all the midi parts for drums, keys and sound design. Although this method worked well, all tracks had to be played with no breaks or punch in. Simply, if you messed up, you start over. Needless to say there was also no voice effects built into the ADAT, so they were all cut live as well.

Our original plan was to use this to get some shows, we first handed them out at a club in Delaware called CC22, we handed out roughly 10 cassettes, when we returned to that room for a show a few weeks later we were amazed at the support and bootlegging capabilities from the folks who hung out at that room. We played to a packed house and had many people singing along with songs from the cassette. Definitely, more than 10 had acquired a copy of this little promo tool.

After seeing this happen in Delaware, we began giving them away for free all over the local rock rooms. The cassette got Carfax Abbey booked on Loud and Local from WYSP, The intro for Stuck was used for some of the lead in tags when WSP was covering Eagles football, it fell into the hands of “Dark Mark” who was the manager for Philadelphia's Tapping The Vein and it booked up on our first show with them at Sam Addams Brew House in Philly.

However, not everyone loved it, some of the local rock magazines bashed the crap out of it. Informing us that we should “sell the pointy teeth and go out and buy pointy guitars” You can't please everyone I guess.

When Debut was released, there was no internet live movie/music streaming, no media downloads, folks were running windows 95 or OS 8.1 and a hot rod computer had less muscle than your iPhone. Blockbuster ruled for date nights and DVD's were just beginning to get popular. The Matrix was brand new and Nu-Metal had not even become a catch phrase.

Time is always the greatest judge of how good anything truly is or was. If you're reading this and you downloaded the tracks, we feel honored to know that with all the limitations with gear and finances, we did something right 18 years ago.

Thank you

Debut – Carfax Abbey
Gary – Vocals
David – Keys
John – Guitars
Paul – Bass
Byron – Drums

Recorded and produced by David, John, Gary, Paul, Byron.